Xtock signs MoU with InVault on Custody Partnership

2 min readNov 26, 2019


Global STO project Xtock signed a strategic partnership on Hong Kong InVault Trust, for expanding STO business and for providing global custody service.

As the MOU concludes, both companies will have collaboration to provide various services such as STO asset storage, OTC, wire transfer, currency exchange, bank account opening, and KYC / AML.

InVault is a trust company licensed by the Hong Kong government with a TCSP (Trust or Company Service Provider). And trust services for various types of alternative assets such as digital asset, stocks and real estate.

InVault is licensed in Asia Pacific region, providing services throughout the Pacific, and InVault is also known as a part of the “Bithumb Family”, along with companies such as Bithumb Korea, Bithumb Global, Bithumb Singapore, Vaultrust, Series One, and BTC Investment. InVoult is the main partner of Bithumb Custody, providing services in the Pacific region.

Xtock Custody Service launched a custody-based OTC trading platform with its launch in August. By interlinking services with traditional crypto exchanges, individual users of exchanges can easily access to custody and OTC trading services.

Xtock is aiming for Global Custody Service, with services such as convenient custody, banking service, OTC trading, and wire transfer/exchange, and are linked to global cryptocurrency exchanges and alliance partnerships centering on STO platform and study services.